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A New Comer To The Windows Gaming Handheld Scene – TJD T10 10″ Gaming Device

A new handheld hits the scene as a Android tablet company, TJD, announces a windows gaming handheld called the T10. The device features a 10″ 1200p display with up[…]

Aya Neo Kun – The First 8.4″ Display Handheld From Aya

Aya teased the Aya Neo Kun for quite some time now but they have finally put images next to words for their upcoming 8.4″ screen device, and it is[…]

GPD win 4 refresh specs

GPD Win 4 2023 – Quick Overview

Quick Summary: GPD Win 4 2023 is a refresh of the GPD Win 4. This device features a slide up keyboard, programmable back buttons, and an Oculink eGPU connector.[…]