Asus ROG Ally – Quick Overview

asus rog ally handheld gaming windows

Quick Summary: Asus ROG Ally is a 7″ windows gaming handheld. It has the first variable refresh rate screen in any of the windows gaming handhelds.

ROG Ally – Asus

CPU: Ryzen Z1 Extreme with 8c/16t and 12 RDNA3 gpu cores up to 2700 MHz.

RAM: 16 LPDDR5 Ram

Storage: 512 GB

Display: 7″ 120 Hz 1080p display – eDP connection with variable refresh rate

Form Factor: Candybar

Weight: 608g

Battery/Charging: 40 Whr battery with up to 65W USB C PD charging

Inputs: 1x USB 3 with PD and DP alt, headset jack, micro SD, XG mobile connector

eGPU Support: Yes, XG Mobile (Asus proprietary)

Gyro: Yes

Launch Date: June 2023

Link: ASUS ROG Ally 7″ 120Hz FHD 1080p Gaming Handheld AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme Processor 512GB White RC71L-ALLY.Z1X_512 – Best Buy


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