GPD Win Mini – A refresh of the Win 2

Back in 2018, GPD, a company that makes gaming handhelds released the GPD Win 2. This was a revolutionary device because it provided more power than their previous model’s Intel atom chip, had a larger screen, but was still pocketable.

Since then many users have been looking for the successor to the GPD Win 2, and it is finally here.

Introducing the GPD Win Mini, a Ryzen 7 7840U powered device that should exceed almost everything that the Win 2 had.

GPD Win Mini compared against the GPD Win 3

Here is what we know so far about the GPD Win Mini:

Processor: Ryzen 7 7840U with 8c/16t of zen 4 and 12 cores of RDNA3 graphics (possibly a 7640U model as well)

Screen: 7″ 1080p 120 Hz display

Ports: USB C (with USB4 support) and Oculink.

The oculink port, shown on the right side of the device next to the microSD card slot, is a full PCIE x4 implementation that allows the GPD Win Mini to interface with an eGPU without the thunderbolt overhead. This means you can get near lossless performance on a eGPU to maximize frames per second. With more and more devices showing up with full PCIE implemented eGPUs, these handhelds get closer to becoming full desktop replacements.

A photo of a GPD Win Max 2 2023 with the GPD G1 eGPU connected over Oculink.

GPD is also launching a dedicated external GPU called the G1, shown above. This will have both thunderbolt and oculink to provide all around compatbility and to also power devices that are using the epgu with oculink.

I’m really looking forward to these small devices with oculink eGPU support. I do hope these images aren’t the final product. It would be really convenient if the USB C and oculink ports were together so a bundled cable for charging/USB and oculink could be plugged together, much like the Asus ROG Ally’s connector.



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