One X Player 2 Controller Accessory Starts Shipping!

One X Player 2 and 2 Pro are windows gaming handhelds by One Netbook with removable controllers. During their crowdfunding campaign a controller accessory designed to combine the two independent controllers into one was functional external controller was offered but didn’t ship with the device. Now it appears user are receiving them and it looks really good!

User u/abrahamcruz002 on reddit posted these pictures showing the black model and the packaging. It looks like the accessory also comes with covers so the rails on the main unit can be hidden. This is a really nice addition as the rails were a little bit of an eyesore when the controllers were removed.

The controllers on the One X Player 2 and 2 Pro are not wireless. They connect via pogo pins on the rails. The controller accessory was designed to allow the controllers to be used externally from the device, but it also allows it to be used on any device that accepts an xbox controller.

The accessory was originally designed in a triangular shape but due to feedback on the design One netbook decided to change it to a rectangular shape seen above. The controller connects to your device via wireless USB dongle that tucks away into the controller accessory.


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