Aya Neo Kun – The First 8.4″ Display Handheld From Aya

Aya teased the Aya Neo Kun for quite some time now but they have finally put images next to words for their upcoming 8.4″ screen device, and it is big in many ways!

First off, this is the first 8.4″ display device from Aya. While 8.4″ form factor is not new in the handheld scene with One Netbook’s first device featuring a 8.4″ screen along with their newer device the One X Player 2 Pro, it is different from the 5.5″ to 7″ displays usually featured on Aya devices. And I welcome this change.

The other big change is the battery. Aya Neo Kun features a 75 Whr battery which is the largest battery installed in any of the handheld devices to date, with the GPD Win Max 2 coming in at 67 Whr. This will definitely gain overall battery life but at the cost of weight.

This device also features dual trackpads much like the Steam Deck. This will make navigating Windows a bit easier, however the placement of these might not be the most ergonomic.

I’m also excited to announce I am working on a new joystick controlled on screen keyboard that works by tilting the joysticks and observing the selected key get highlighted. This might make typing easier on these devices without the need for touching the screen or connecting up a keyboard. It should port over to trackpads pretty easily so I’m hoping I get the chance to implement this on the Aya Neo Kun.

Some people have confused this device with the Aya Neo Next 2, which will feature a discrete graphics card. The Aya Neo Kun is not rumored to have a discrete graphics card, so we should expect to see another Ryzen 7000 APU in this device as well, however the exact CPU is not confirmed yet.

Aya did not announce a launch date or pricing, but mentioned the Indiegogo pre-launch campaign page would be coming soon.

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